What is Newlofts

Newlofts Building sprl is a company whose mission is design and construction of contemporary houses with metallic frame and industrial design.
The concept was initiated by 2 architects fascinated by industrial buildings, whether old or newer.
The process of metal frame construction, in addition to its economic interest and its uses more "basic" in the agricultural and industrial sectors, allows the development of contemporary residential architecture, spacious, versatile, adaptable, without leaving aside all the environmental aspects (energy performance, environmental costs, recycling, etc..).
Our approach is not that of a traditional manufacturer's "key-on-door". We believe that your future living environment is not just a consumer product but claims a contrary lot of thoughts but above all the seriousness and commitment throughout the design process and implementation.
Also, Newlofts assembles with its partners and subcontractors, all skills necessary for forming fast and efficient modern buildings, high quality construction with unique design.

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